Trade Show Outlook – 2016

2016 Market OverviewTrend Graph

The economy continues to improve, but some businesses are still finding the markets challenging. Targeting key decision makers, influencers and buyers of products and services will be a key to breaking out of the doldrums in 2016. Trade shows will be a key aspect of successful marketing plans in 2016.

A recent study by American Express states that meeting spending will be rising globally this year led by Asia with a predicted 2.1% growth over last year.

Exposure is Proportional to Opportunity

One of the biggest factors to generating revenue is attracting new customers and trade shows continue to be the lowest cost per customer acquisition available to businesses today.

    • Do you need national exposure?
      • 78% of trade show attendees travel more than 400 miles to attend an exhibition.
    • Are you getting the qualified prospect face time  you deserve?
      • The average attendee spends 8.3 hours viewing / visiting trade show exhibits at a show or exhibition.
    • Does your sale team spend to much time getting to decision makers?
      • 81% of trade show attendees have buying authority

Trade Show Presence Value

The value of investing in a trade show from a sales and marketing team perspective is clear.

      • 60% of exhibitors said they value the ability to see lots of prospects and customers at the same time
      • 51% of exhibitors said they value face-to-face meetings with prospects and customers
      • 47% said they value the ability to meet with a variety of players face-to-face, such as customers, suppliers, resellers, etc.

Standing out is key. Booth design is always important and a way to be able to stand out from competitors.  Over the past couple of years we’ve seen overly simple and complex booth designs come and go. We anticipate that unique and bold display combinations will draw the attention of consumers and interesting layouts with simple structures will catch the eye of modern trade show attendees in 2016. Be sure to align your booth design and graphics to your audience!

Planning is Critical to Success

Executing on a complete and proper trade show presence is a challenge for many companies simply because it is unlike any other standard sales or marketing activity.  At Trade Show Support by SLC trade show planning and execution is all that we do and we do it better than anyone.

Our Flex-Show service delivers the Trade Show planning and logistical expertise you need with quality and professionalism. We free  you up to drive attendee campaigns, refine demonstrations, hone go to market messaging and other key activities resulting in successful lead generation, customer acquisition and recognition activities at the show.

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