Trade Show Outlook – 2015

Market Overview

While the economy continues to improve businesses are still finding the markets challenging and slow to respond. Targeting key decision makers, influencers and buyers of products and services continues to be a challenge. According to multiple commercial and governmental agencies these challenges will persist throughout 2015 and most likely into 2016, particularly in Europe and Asia.

A study in B2B Magazine in the third quarter of 2014 revealed that money spent on traditional marketing mediums like television, print and direct mail are flattening out while the second largest area of growth in media spending is on events.

A recent survey of over 116 B2B company marketing leaders asked where they plan to spend their channel communications budget over the coming 12 months. Three channels stood out:

  • Trade Shows – 15% of budget spend
  • Email – 12% of budget spend
  • Website – 10% of budget spend

This response clearly suggests that trade shows and other face-to-face marketing events will be a key corporate focus for customer interaction, lead generation and customer acquisition activities in 2015.

Most companies felt the impact of the prevailing economic and market challenges. Aligning to and taking advantage of the increased market demand for face-to-face interaction in conjunction with standard media campaigns will be critical for companies looking to breakout of the doldrums. Companies that aren’t represented in these forums, particularly trade shows, will lose ground to competitors and experience brand erosion.

Ramping up a trade show presence is and will continue to be a challenge for many companies faced with tight budgets and reduced personnel. Cost effective return on investment is critical across all lines of business, particularly marketing. That’s where Trade Show Support by SLC can help.

Our Flex-Show service delivers the Trade Show expertise and results you need to successfully maintain a face-to-face presence at 40% to 60% less than a fully loaded employee cost without a sacrifice in quality or professionalism. Savings realized through our service can be leveraged to support other key activities within marketing and sales for lead generation and customer acquisition.

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